Leica releases "Leica Vario-Elmarit SL f2.8 / 24-70mm ASPH." Zoom lens for Leica SL system

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Leica Camera will release a new high-performance zoom lens "Leica Vario-Elmalito SL f2.8 / 24-70mm ASPH." In late May 2021 to expand the lineup of lenses for the Leica SL system. The suggested retail price is 352,000 yen including tax.

The Leica Vario-Elmarit SL f2.8 / 24-70mm ASPH. Uses a complex lens configuration of 19 elements in 15 groups, three of which are double-sided aspherical lenses. In addition, the nine lenses use special glass with anomalous partial dispersion characteristics to satisfactorily correct chromatic aberration over the entire zoom range.

The focus mechanism uses an inner focus method with a lightweight lens and a drive method that uses a quiet stepping motor to achieve high-speed, high-precision, and quiet autofocus. The body is made of metal and has dust-proof and drip-proof performance.

In addition, a compact body has been realized by not installing an optical camera shake correction function. If the same lens is attached to the "Leica SL2" or "Leica SL2-S", the camera's multi-axis camera shake correction function can effectively correct camera shake. The almost circular design of 11 diaphragm blades allows you to express a smooth bokeh effect. The shortest shooting distance at a focal length of 24 mm is 18 cm, and at 70 mm it is as short as 38 cm, enabling beautiful depiction even in close-up photography.


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