Moza Air 2S gimbal

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Gudsen has released the new MOZA Air 2S gimbal, which is an updated version of their Air 2.

The Moza Air 2S features a redesigned smart wheel allowing precise control of pan, tilt, zoom and focusing (with the optional iFOCUS lens control system). An array of accessories can be attached via its Arri Rosette, cold shoe mount, M4 mounting hole and universal extension bracket provides – including microphones, lights, sliders, monitors and handles.

The Moza Air 2S also features a new three-axis lock design for secure storage and lets you save different camera set-ups so you don't have to reconfigure the gimbal each time – ideal if you find yourself switching between bodies or lenses during a shoot.


Like the Air 2, the quick-release system on the Moza Air 2S features One-Step Balancing and is compatible with Manfrotto quick release plates, letting you switch quickly from tripod to gimbal and back again. 


There are a wealth of advanced shooting modes to chose from too, including object tracking, sports gear mode and FPV mode, as well as a mimic motion control mode that lets you control each axis independently via smartphone. As with the Air 2, the Moza Air 2S is aimed more at serious videographers than beginners and looks to offer even more features to help you get creative with your filmmaking. 


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