Nanlite has released their new PavoBulb 10C

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Nanlite has released their new PavoBulb 10C. It’s an RGBWW colour-mixing LED light designed to replace practical bulbs on-set when you need to get a little more control over how they look to camera. With the plethora of dodgy cheap consumer CCFL and LED bulbs on the market these days that people often use in their homes and businesses, these will be a welcome tool in the arsenal of filmmakers.

The Nanlite PavoBulb 10C RGBWW bulb provides a bi-colour range of 2700K to 7500K with claimed CRI and TLCI of 95 and 97 respectively. The RGB side of things gives you the choice of 36,000 colours and you also get 15 customisable built-in effect modes. 


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